Sharp by Design

Sharp by Design was formed with the sole intent of serving and supplying the private domestic home market with the highest quality furniture, supreme innovative designs and excellent installation standards.

With his vast experience, eye for detail, and ability to create unique designs, David Sharp decided he didn't want to be restricted by standardised products and established Sharp by Design to offer bespoke services.

Management of Quality

The aim of Sharp by Design is to offer its customers the best possible quality products and services to suit all pockets.

This ambition is realised by careful sourcing and selection of preferred suppliers who have a proven track record in the industry.

This is how kitchen dreams can come true!

Company Profile
Sharp By Design is a family run business backed by 25 years of extensive experience nationwide. We believe that the heart of every home is the kitchen which is why it is important to have a stylish and comfortable kitchen which is also functional and practical. To achieve this, careful planning, expert advice and the specific needs of the individual are taken into consideration to create a unique and desirable kitchen just right for you.

Inclusive Design and Planning
Planning and designing custom made kitchens is a craft born out of tradition. Whether it be traditional or modern, each kitchen will be personalised to your needs and to the highest possible standard. Our quotations consist of a full survey, delivery and installation, including all electrical, plumbing, tiling, general building work and lighting by qualified tradesmen.

Handmade Furniture
Our cabinet makers produce quality bespoke furniture, allowing us freedom to design the perfect furniture for your kitchen regardless of shape or size. Nothing is impossible.

Freedom of Choice
Freedom of choice is essential when you are choosing a kitchen and at Sharp By Design the choice is yours. There is an unlimited choice of finishes and designs from hand painted finishes to a modern minimalist effect. There is also a wide range of granite, solid wood and laminate wood surfaces to choose from.

Top brand names
All appliances included in our designs are established household names, manufactured to the highest quality and chosen for performance and reliability. Every appliance is fully guaranteed. All makes and models available; again the choice is yours.

Peace of Mind
Only highly skilled professional technicians work for Sharp by Design and we are fully covered with public liability insurance.

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